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Mary Pickford's Childhood

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Mary Pickford, de son vrai nom Gladys Louise Smith (née le 8 avril 1892 à Toronto, morte à Santa Monica le 29 mai 1979), est une actrice, productrice et femme d'affaires canadienne.

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The Mary Pickford Auditorium at Claremont McKenna College is named in her honor. In 1948, Mary Pickford built a 7 bedrooms, 8 bathroom, and 6,050 square foot estate on 2.12 acres at the B Bar H Ranch, California where she lived and then later sold.

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Mary Pickford was paid an exorbitant fee of $350, 000 per film at some point in her life. Her popularity kept on waxing stronger and stronger winning a lot of awards. However, with the outset of talkies, she had to retire from acting due to waning popularity.

Mary Pickford's Childhood - Mary Pickford Foundation

Mary Pickford’s Childhood I t’s almost a misnomer to entitle an article “Mary Pickford’s Childhood,” because in many ways, she didn’t have one. Mary Pickford rose steadily to fame at a time when there was no path to follow.